Sim Racing season 2024 is on with interesting surprises for participants

Sim Racing season 2024 is on with interesting surprises for participants

The long anticipated Sim Racing series E-BaTCC Season 5 is ready to go in 2024. And what other car, than the massively popular BMW 325 CUP that brings a lot of excitement for participants and spectators. Additionally, KTK Racing Division team will be offering very nice prizes to the best of the best.


The “E-BaTCC Season 5” will start on February 8 on “WorldSimSeries” sim racing Assetto Corsa platform with the BMW 325 CUP mod, that is made very realistic to real life racing and is now used widely by the racers to practice before events. The series will consist of four rounds, each with 20 min races on tracks that BaTCC will visit in 2024 – Porsche Ring, Bikernieki, Nemuno Ziedas and Tor Poznan.


Finishing position and points in the standings will matter as KTK Racing Division has prepared valuable prize – a stepping stone in motorsports!


“Last seasons have proved that sim racing is very closely connected to real motorsports, and we believe we can find some proper talents and give them chance to try out real race car! For the Top 3 sim racers who have never had circuit racing licence, we will provide professional 10 lap test session to each one of them with the BMW 325 CUP race car during the 2024 season! And a special prize to one of the racers in Division 1 races who will use our KTK Racing division livery – same test session of 10 laps, ” says KTK Racing Division chief Povilas Bonkevicius.

The Top 3 of the series will get a cash prizes – 100 EUR to the winner, and 60 and 40 EUR to the 2nd and 3rd placed racers respectively.


The entry fee for one event will be 5 EUR, with World Sim Series subscription, the entry is free. There will be a pre Qualification before each round, where the Top 24 gets into division 1, the next 24 into division 2 etc, determined by 3 fastest consecutive lap times.


Start racing now!


E-BaTCC season 4 calendar:

  • 08.02.2024 Round 1, DeWALT Grand Prix, Bikernieki Ring of Speed
  • 22.02.2024 Round 2, Kaunas Grand Prix, Nemuno Ziedas Fast Lap (no chicane)
  • 07.03.2024 Round 3, Parnu Summer Race, Porsche Ring
  • 21.03.2024 Round 4, Poland, Tor Poznan
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