Track record attempt during DeWALT Grand Prix

Track record attempt during DeWALT Grand Prix

On June 15th during the second round of the Baltic Touring Car Championship, in the “DeWALT Grand Prix,” there will bee an attempt to break the absolute track record of the Biķernieki circuit, held by the renowned Latvian motorsport athlete Haralds Šlēgelmilhs since 2006


The track record (1:14.093), set by Šlegelmilhs with an “F3” specification formula car, is targeted by the Estonian motorsport team led by driver Tonis Vanaselja. The team has built a racing prototype “Kalana” with a carbon fiber monocoque, weighing only 910 kg and equipped with a 600 hp, specially tuned “Judd V8” engine, similar to those used in Formula 1 over 30 years ago. The car is also equipped with a sequential gearbox, racing shock absorbers and brakes in a combination with a wind tunnel-designed body for aerodynamics and downforce. The car will be on display in the Biķernieki track pits in an easily accessible location for spectators.


Driver Tonis Vanaselja, a former karting and lower formula category driver, has already competed at the Biķernieki track with “Formula Renault” and “Formula Baltic” cars. Last year, this driver and car combination set a new track record (1:09.111) at Estonia’s “Porsche Ring,” breaking the previous record by more than two seconds. Now it’s the Biķernieki track’s turn.


“The upcoming competition at the Biķernieki track will be the biggest circuit racing event at Biķernieki this season, and we’ve prepared very exciting and diverse race events for the spectators. A special moment will be this record attempt with a very impressive vehicle. I am convinced that such speeds have not been witnessed by the most ardent fans of the Biķernieki track yet, and the roar of this car’s engine at high RPMs will be a pleasant experience for any motorsport enthusiast,” says Andis Meilands, the event organizer.

The first starts of the circuit racing competition are scheduled for Saturday, starting at 10:30 AM. The first record attempt will take place at 1:30 PM, and if unsuccessful, a second attempt will be made at 2:20 PM. The race events will resume at 2:40 PM and continue until 8:00 PM in the evening. Thursday and Friday will be reserved for training and qualifying sessions.


The “DeWALT Grand Prix” competition will be the second round of the Baltic Circuit Racing Championship for the “BMW 325 CUP,” “ABC Race,” “GT,” “Touring Cars,” and “V1600” classes, as well as the second round of the Estonian Championship for historic formula cars.


Tickets are available at “Biļešu Paradīze” ticket offices or on-site on the day of the event. The price is 15 EUR, with free entry for children under 12 and disabled persons.


The event is supported by “DeWALT,” Riga City Municipality, “Fritech,” “Nankang,” as well as the Automobile Federations of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

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