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We are so proud and happy to have you here! We have earned a great opportunity to represent the name of the biggest racing event in Baltic states called Baltic Touring Car Championship (BaTCC). We are always searching and trying to make the best merchandise offers for BaTCC family members. The merchandise is but a part of our future goals, but nevertheless - our clients are most important to us, so please, don't hesitate to get in touch, share your recommendations and/or wishlists or just say "hi".

Life is a race, so lets make this fun filled journey together!


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The history of BaTCC


Founded in year 2000, Baltic Touring Car Championship (BaTCC) has been held every year with 5 stages during the season, gathering 100 – 150 participants per event from 5-8 countries (Baltic states, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Belarus etc.). Today BaTCC is the largest racing series in Baltic States.

Year 2000 Baltic Touring Car Championship is established.


Golden years – more than 100 participants per event; North European Zone Championship stages take place during BaTCC events.

Number of participants and classes decreasing due to economical crisis.

Number of participants start to grow

New organizer takes over the series it starts to develop