With the technologies evolving in a very rapid rate, the level of simulators of motorsports have reached the level of being a very useful and productive way to improve the level of real racing drivers (starting from F1 level) and give a realistic chance for the enthusiasts try their skills in racing in a virtual environment, which is closely simulated to the real life conditions – physics of the car handling, pedal inputs, track characteristics and much more. Sim racing is growing year by year – from crude steering wheels and pedals some time ago to professional simulator shops around the world, various racing leagues, including for most mayor racing series and BaTCC series is not an exception. For two seasons already, racing series were held with various cars – TCR Seats and Porsche Cayman GT4, Legends and BMW 325 CUP. The first season was won by Karolis Jovaisa(2021 BMW 325 CUP champion), second by Tauras Gudinavicius, while the latest BMW 325 CUP sim racing season was won by German Jan Nimz. Also, a separate series for real world racers was won by Finnish racer Tuomas Halonen from BEC 6H team Black Rose Racing.

How will the sim racing world continue?



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